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Download your FREE e-Book: How To Foster Better Employee Engagement Through Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits schemes - such as salary sacrifice and cycle-to-work - have become a major talking point in recent times, particularly in light of changing regulations. 

Find out all about the different types of voluntary benefits schemes and what regulation changes mean for your organisation in this free guide. We've also included a whole host of other tips and guidelines to ensure successful implementation of your chosen voluntary benefits scheme(s).  

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • What are voluntary benefits
  • How voluntary benefits can help increase engagement
  • The advantages of incorporating voluntary benefits for employers and employees
  • Why voluntary benefits schemes are becoming increasingly important
  • What are the changes to salary sacrifice and why they are making other voluntary benefits more attractive
  • How to plan and implement a successful voluntary benefits scheme
  • How to communicate the scheme to staff (+ timelines)
  • Employee Discount Portal – a new type of voluntary benefit?
  • Top tips – How to make the most of your voluntary benefits scheme